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LunarPages is a web hosting firm who are renowned for their superior buyer support. We imagine LunarPages is particularly suited someone new to working an internet site as you will see that their support crew extremely helpful. LunarPages also presents superior options for experienced webmasters. Lunarpages is an award successful web hosting service that was established and based mostly in California means back in the 2000. Its providers are backed up by approximately 100 workers, serving over 100,000 hosts within the current, most of which interact in linux hosting. Customer service is available between 6 AM to 8 PM on weekdays. And since that you must dial the companys California number, youre assured that their technicians are not outsources. In addition to that, there's also a members discussion board that is house to roughly 36,000 members. Lunarpages present 99.9% uptime with its three Southwestern US primarily based datacenters. Which means your Linux hosting will profit from limitless bandwidth and disk space to work with, plus a free area, which you can use for a lifetime. Apart from getting a plethora of ordinary and advanced features, Lunarpages is powered by PowerEdge, a well-liked Dell technology. This guarantees you more effective and environment friendly Linux internet hosting at competitively low rates.

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

Internet hosting Package deal:

Lunarpages pricing is one of the best we've found. Ecommerce hosting requires a SSL secure certificate, password-protected directories, some form of fee processing, and procuring cart software. Lunarpages charges additional for a SSL certificate, and works with Paymerica for credit card processing, additionally at added cost. Password safety is free, as is your selection of three buying cart techniques in Cube Cart, OS Commerce Cart, and Zen Cart. Lunarpages offers normal programming help with CGI, Perl, PHP, Python, and Server Aspect Consists of (SSI). You should buy JSP and ASP assist if you happen to need it.

Lunarpages helps FrontPage extensions, MySQL databases, Flash and Shockwave. You may stream audio with Real Audio/Video. Additional codecs value further due to the want for a static IP address. This website hosting service gives you 5 POP3 and SMTP e mail accounts, along with webmail, electronic mail forwarding, catch-all emails and auto responders. This web hosting service also helps mailing lists and spam protection.

Ease of Use:

Throughout the time we tested out Lunarpages, we did not run into many things that we had a hard time figuring out. Nonetheless, after we did have points with a few of their features, their assist part and customer support have been less than helpful in resolving them. These minor infractions had been rare. As a whole, what Lunarpages has to offer is unquestionably user friendly.

Assistance & Support:

Lunarpages assist is among the many finest round, offering toll-free, 24/7 telephone assist with a clearly posted help number on their site. Email assist is also 24/7, and you'll access video tutorials, post your problems/solutions of their forums, or browse their FAQ section and knowledgebase.

Web Site Creation Instruments:

You'll be able to flip your website right into a blog or add a guestbook or image gallery with Lunarpages. Outdoors of these options, this website hosting service has no site creation tools to speak of.

Server Access:

With the Starter Plan, you get access to just one FTP account with this hosting service. Nevertheless, in case you improve to the Primary Internet hosting Plan, that quantity goes up to unlimited. Lunarpages additionally gives gives SSH entry, however not .htaccess or anonymous FTP.

Advertising and Marketing Tools:

Lunarpages offers vouchers for Fb Ads and Google AdWords.

Reporting and Statistics:

Lunarpages includes one thing referred to as "Online Person Statistics" with each plan, but they do not explain precisely what that entails.

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Lunarpages does every part and does it nicely - all for a really affordable price. With a 30-day money-again guarantee, there's loads of time to get your website up and working, and discover out whether or not Lunarpages is a good match on your needs. It is exhausting to find a higher internet hosting service that meets your needs in addition to they do and expenses very little each month. The value difference between the Starter Plan and the extra elaborate plans is low, so you can move to a plan with extra features once you outgrow the first one. So far as Lunarpages' bad reputation goes, it's undeserved.

We have three websites hosted on LunarPages and we are not experiencing and major problems with any of them. Initially we had a problem with DNS resolution but this was quickly dealth with by the support group inside 4 hours of us sending them a assist request e-mail. LunarPages has been round for 10 years and in this time has proved themselves to be a hosting company who delight themselves on buyer satisfaction. Although LunarPages pricing is on par with most leading website hosting firm's their customer assist far outdoes some other internet host. For most people the LunarPages normal plan would fulfill their needs and we consider that this plan gives excellent worth for money. Nonetheless if you are planning to setup a particularly resource intensive website then we might advocate the Premium Plan. In conclusion we highly advocate LunarPages Internet Hosting.

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Web Development With Seo In Mind
When a business owner decides to bring their business to the web, generally the last thing that they think about is search engine optimization. They assume that whomever they hire to do their web design will put up a site and then submit it to the search engines and the traffic will magically pour in. Unfortunately it takes more than that to drive search engine traffic to your site, and even more unfortunately most developers don't program with SEO in mind, nor do they educate the client about the process involved in gaining traffic from search engines.

Whether it's carelessness or a lack of knowledge, or a combination of the two, this often leads to a client that several months down the road doesn't understand why their site doesn't get any traffic and isn't helping their business. A good designer will not only program with SEO in mind, but will also educate the client about the basic principles of SEO, whether they are the one who executes it or not.

Many times the clients I inherit have gone through this scenario and then face drastic on-site changes to get their site search engine friendly before we are even able to begin the arduous process of link building. Whether you are designing a site for yourself or for a client, following the simple steps below when programming will ultimately save the business time and money and result in a search engine friendly site that truly maximizes the online potential of the business.

Use proper tags for headings, bold text, italic text, and lists – HTML has heading tags, bold tags, italic tags, and ordered and unordered lists for a reason and you should use them. Using CSS you can practically style them however you like, but actually using a heading tag for your headings, and bold tags for important text, will help allow search engines understand what text on a page is a heading or what is more important than the surrounding text. Simply applying a CSS style that makes text larger or bold doesn't do that.

Optimize your images – search engine spiders can't read text within an image. Adding ALT text to your image tag helps, but ideally you should remove all wording from the image and style it using CSS, adding the remaining portion of the image as a background image to the text. Here is a side-by-side comparison ( of two images that look the same in your browser, but much different to a search engine spider.

Avoid canonical problems – believe it or not, search engines can see,, and as three different pages. A simple solution is to use a 301 redirect to point all of your pages to their “www” counterpart. You can also select the preferred domain that Google shows in the new Google Webmaster Tools console.

Get rid of Session IDs if you have a PHP site – have you ever seen a PHPSESSID variable added to the end a URL on a PHP page (it looks something like PHPSESSID=34908908)? This happens because PHP will add a unique PHPSESSID to URLs within your site if cookies aren't available. This can be extremely problematic for your site's search engine ranking. Google and Yahoo will see a unique PHPSESSID in the URL every time they visit a page on your site, and in turn think that said page is a different page each time. At worst, this could be viewed as duplicate content and get your site banned, and at best it will reduce the perceived value of each page. One solution that I've used successfully is to utilize url_rewriter.tags.

Put CSS and JavaScript in external files – nearly every site nowadays uses CSS and JavaScript for something. While both are great for enhancing user experience, neither will help your search engine ranking if left on your page. One of the factors that search engines consider when ranking your site is the percentage of code relevant to the search term. CSS and JavaScript can take up hundreds of lines of code, minimizing the importance of your text and in turn hurting your ranking. By putting them in separate files and simply including them in your page by reference, you can reduce hundreds of lines down to one and increase the amount of code in the file that is relevant content.

Minimize the use of tables in layouts – the debate about whether or not tables should be used in site design has been going on for years and there's no end in site. I fall somewhere in the middle – there are certain circumstances (like organizing tabular data) where I think tables still make the most sense, but I also appreciate the SEO benefits of using CSS layouts. CSS layouts drastically reduce the amount of code in your site that isn't content that the user sees. Just like moving CSS and JavaScript to an external file, the less on-page code that isn't content, the better. Check out for some free example layouts.

Validate your site – a site doesn't have to be perfectly coded to rank high in the search engines (there are many, many other factors), but valid HTML will help ensure that search engines and browsers alike will accurately see your page. Try using the official W3C Validator ( or install this handy Firefox extension ( Validating generally identifies areas of code that are redundant, unnecessary, or not accepted across all browsers. All of which will help make your site more search engine friendly.