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Lunar Pages was established in the summer of 2000 by Add2Net, Inc., an extremely sincere company that has been providing internet hosting services since 1997. Lunar Pages strives to provide high quality web hosting services to their clients, and their client testimonials are a true testament to their service quality. Their server uptime is phenomenal -- we have yet to see their servers go down for any noticeable amount of time. Lunar Pages is also staffed by environment friendly customer service reps. Also, the response instances to support tickets are amazing. We've received high quality responses to e-mails in as little as two minutes at times.

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

Generally, LunarPages provides the best internet hosting options:
- 99.9% Uptime
- Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
- Free 1 Permanent Domain
- Host limitless domains
- Free $775 Value of Software
- Limitless E mail, Database, FTP

lunar pages coupons

What I like about this internet hosting provider:
1. Dependable - 99% of uptime achieved
2. Experienced - in business since year 2000
3. Environment Friendly Assistance - Resolve problems in a few emails
4. Affordability - $4.95/mo for 12 months plan

With their robust internet hosting features and customer support services, Lunarpages is no doubt is one of the best internet hosting service providers in the market. I myself am one of their users for more than 3 years and I'm satisfied with their internet hosting quality so far.

Will I recommend Lunarpages? Definitely! If you're building an online blog or a web business, Lunarpages best suit your needs for the free applications availability. Their compatibility of software programs and programming languages ( JSP, ASP, IMAP, MySQL, PHP & etc.) permits you to construct all the necessary components that are needed for you to run your website or ecommerce portal. And to further solidify LunarPages quality of service, the company has been awarded countless of awards over the past decade – which serve as a true testament to the high quality services provided by LunarPages.

And if you are ready to subscribe to Lunar Pages web hosting services, I’ve compiled some of the latest offers. Below, you can find various Lunar Pages coupons, and promotional offers – Just click on the links in order to activate the offers.

lunarpages coupons

Website Hosting from $4.95/month, with Free Domain, Free Emails, & $700 Free Bonus Software! Limited Time Only!

Virtual Private Servers for $39.95 a month!

Lunarpages Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers starting at $99.00 per month!

Incredible Savings on Windows Web Hosting!

lunar pages coupons

Let me know if the lunarpages coupon isn’t working – so that I can make the necessary changes in order to make it work. I hope that you’ll find the lunar pages coupon to be very useful.

PS – Remember to click on the lunar pages coupons in order to activate the lunarpages coupon.

Enjoy using our lunarpages coupons today!

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Web Design For Search Engines
Search engines don’t give higher rankings for a pretty site, but they do pay attention to what you say and how you say it – make that your priority and the rest will fall into place.

There’s an old saying, “People vote with their pocketbook.” I’d like to suggest they also vote with their apathy.

Current popularity choices are in a constant state of flux. There are times when site visitors seem to respond to flash technology while other times the simple site of flash will cause them to use their back button. They just don’t have the enthusiasm they need to venture through yet another animated flash design.

Sometimes visitors enjoy a stripped down site that is easy to navigate with limited bells and whistles while other times it appears sites with surprises and a graphic intense format captures attention.

The problem is knowing which format is popular at any given time. Sometimes your site design should operate independent of what seems to be gaining the most immediate attention.

I had been told about a site that had information I was interested in. I went to the site was met with a broad range of bells and whistles. I had no idea which function did what, but it looked cool and the sounds were great. I left with a sense of appreciation for complex site design, but never returned because I couldn’t easily find what I needed.

You can develop a site design that is both inviting and easy to navigate. Many web designers feel that you must sometimes sacrifice one for the other, but I’ve never found that to be true.

Web design is a simple mechanism that takes all your work and strains it into a comprehensive, yet condensed, representation of your greatest dreams and fondest hopes.

Sometimes the focus of the site can shift from what is most important in the overall understanding of your business idea to glamorous ways to present the site.

If you take a look you can find sites that seem to be more about looking good than they are about helping a visitor understand the business and products well enough to convert to consumer status.

Brick and mortar stores may give their showroom a facelift from time to time, but they also understand the decorations are not what makes the business. If the decorations are wonderful they may see more visitors, but they may only be interested in seeing what it looks like with little interest in what’s being sold.

In web design the first things to attend to are comprehensive content and easy navigation. Any dressing up of the site can wait until you know what your site will say and how you will get from one location on the site to the next in the fewest clicks (generally no more than two).

Search engines don’t give higher rankings for a pretty site, but they do pay attention to what you say and how you say it – make that your priority and the rest will fall into place.