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Best Internet Security Software Program Should Tailor For Different Wants and Needs
The web has grow to be a venue for hackers to breach different people's security. That is the rationale why everyone seems to be searching for the most effective web security software to protect themselves from these deviants. Most customers use the web as their tool to accomplish their daily duties or routines equivalent to checking bank accounts, paying bills, buying tools, or just speaking with loved ones. These duties may be trivial however some folks use the web to go on way more delicate information.

Because many individuals started passing on delicate information by the internet, some individuals would infiltrate their security methods to get their data. These days, most people have encountered having their computer systems hacked into and their private data being used maliciously. Sadly for these folks, the internet became a venue for hackers to thrive and do some harm.

The current scenario of web safety has laptop security specialists give you the means to guard computer systems in opposition to completely different sorts of threat. Annually, a whole bunch of safety programs are released by way of the internet or through the market. But with so many security applications being released how could anyone discern which internet security software is appropriate for them.

First of all, if you want to guard your laptop towards hackers and viruses, you should first observe the varieties of websites you visit. The form of web sites you visit and even the sort of lifestyle you live may dictate what sort of safety program you need.

If you're a mum or dad and also you wish to shield your kids in opposition to malicious websites or inappropriate ones, you should get a security software program program that has parental control. These kinds of security packages prohibit children or minors from coming into inappropriate sites. You possibly can choose which sites you need the program to block access to or you might select what kind of website you need blocked out of your kids. If you need your little one to be protected against improper web sites on a regular basis then these programs are the perfect ones for you.

Customers who browse the internet often should avail themselves with safety packages that have frequent automated updates. Some customers trawl via the online with none concern to their pc's security. They is perhaps too busy gathering information or sending out info that they couldn't afford to pause for a minute and manually upgrade their security system. Specialists in web security have designed packages that wouldn't require the user to activate their upgrades every now and then. As long as these packages are installed within the consumer's laptop, it is going to upgrade itself automatically.

Online game enthusiasts are also customers who don't wish to be disturbed when they're in the midst of game play however still they want security software to guard their computers. So security specialists designed security applications that let gamers select which notifications they might permit to pop up in their screens. They can select the silent mode when enjoying games or watching movies, which put alerts and non-vital update on hold.

For many who don't have an enormous finances for top tech safety software program, security specialists also designed packages that are cheap and even free. Folks can obtain free safety programs on the web or they may purchase low-cost ones in pc stores. With a little research, not only could you get software program at a very low price however you would additionally get the perfect internet security software program out there on the net.

If you're going to hook up your pc to the internet with out having any updated web safety software program in place, remember that you can get compromised earlier than you'll be able to even blink your eye.

It's highly really helpful to no less than have a working anti-virus program put in earlier than going online.

In case you do not take this precaution, your computer will likely be very weak to infection. Your laptop, being a security danger, additionally implies that you place other folks at risk by spreading viruses or different malware from your contaminated computer.

Essential pc internet security software

   1. Anti-virus program
   2. Anti-spy ware/malware program
   3. Firewall

Viruses have been round for the reason that dawn of the web and come in several flavors.

A virus replicates itself and once it's activated starts wreaking havoc, like erasing recordsdata or within the worst case state of affairs preventing your computer from starting up.

These days most anti-virus software will provide both virus and spyware and adware protection.

Remember the fact that a dedicated anti-spyware and adware program will generally do a a lot better job of protecting you from adware than a standalone antivirus program. A mixture of each programs will provide a extra complete safety against the wide selection of malware threats on the internet. They are comparable, however complimentary programs. All commercial anti-virus applications also come with an e-mail scanner,

Final however not least, you must have a firewall in place.

A software program firewall normally means the difference between an anti-virus program and an web security suite. The latter at all times comes with a bundled firewall. The firewall monitors and controls which applications are allowed to get access to the web and vice versa. The hazard of a software program firewall is that it may be fairly complicated to configure for the average PC user. That's the reason a router,a hardware firewall, is preferable to a software firewall.

The above is the basic internet security software program everybody should be utilizing whereas going online. All of the programs are available of their free or commercial versions.

Ever because the Internet turned widespread, Prime Web Safety Software has been wanted to stop people on the market keen to try and steal your private information to use in opposition to you in addition to just plain destroy your computing experience.

The best way that these individuals get to your information is by utilizing small applications referred to as spy ware, adware, keyloggers, and different tracking software. They can be embedded into websites that you just go to, despatched in emails that you simply receive, sent through On the spot Message applications like MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo Chat, etc. Due to this fact these security packages are essential to guard yourself and others who connect with you through the Web and Networks before they have a chance at infecting your computer. With out using any of the safety suites which can be available immediately you might be at risk of being infected with a virus or trojan, as well as having your private info stolen by spyware and adware and keyloggers. So having some sort of safety is essential to your on-line shopping experience.

So what do it's good to look for in one of the High Web Security Software packages to protect you and your data?

    * This system have to be gentle on resources.
    * Is extremely recommended by associated magazines, web sites, and people who have expertise on this field.
    * This system should have regular updates to its definition database to keep you updated and defend you. (It is suggested as soon as a day is a minimum.)
    * It must include a strong Firewall that can be configured by you.
    * An E mail Scanner which is able to scan all incoming email.
    * Adware checker to examine and destroy any potential spyware before it may well infect your system.
    * A straightforward to make use of and management Graphical Person Interface.
Free Internet Security Software Program Review
It's arduous to pick just one finest free internet safety software program product, because there truly is an amazing array of free web safety software program available. Yow will discover nice free products in any safety category imaginable. If you select the correct mixture of quality free security products you'll be provided safety pretty much as good as or higher than that afforded by the purchased alternatives.

You could understand that there's a big selection in the quality and performance of free security software program, so that you must stick with merchandise that have been tested and have an established track document or not less than have been developed by a company that has beforehand proven themselves. It's difficult to tell if most web safety merchandise are performing as expected. For example, if a recreation shouldn't be working correctly it is possible for you to to immediately tell as a result of the game will not play correctly. In contrast, if a firewall or antivirus program fail to operate correctly chances are you'll not have any concept until lengthy after your laptop has been compromised. This certainly is a risk that few of us can afford to take.

I like to think of web security as a triangle with the three predominant categories making up the three corners and the secondary classes mendacity on the traces of the triangle or throughout the security triangle. The three corners characterize the primary classes of antivirus, firewall and antispyware. The differentiation between product courses has begun to blur and there are many mixture products particularly among those offered commercially. To simplify our dialogue and allow us to look at a number of distinctive free products we will take a look at them as distinctly distinctive product classes. There's excellent free software to satisfy our triangle idea with this text focusing on a few the very best free internet safety software products in each most important category.

There are about 15 free antivirus products that are price contemplating with just a few other specialized merchandise that also best match into this antivirus group. My favorite free antivirus product is without query Comodo Antivirus. Comodo is involved in the excessive end enterprise area of the web and decided to offer this antivirus product free to help make all customers safer while online. The underside line is that Comodo gets a number of goodwill and free publicity from making such an important product obtainable freed from charge. It is a win-win scenario! This antivirus product detects and eliminates viruses from desktops and networks, protects with actual-time on entry scanning, makes use of proactive heuristic analysis to intercept unknown threats, has host intrusion detection to block malware earlier than it may run, and provides automated every day updates of virus definitions. The other free antivirus product that I will touch on here is from PC Tools well-known for his or her Spyware and adware Physician and also Registry Mechanic. In this case there is additionally a paid model that has direct customer help and faster updates however the two merchandise themselves perform the identical whether free or paid. PC Instruments Antivirus Free Edition gives world-main safety, with excellent database updates, OnGuard real-time protection and complete system scanning to ensure your system remains safe and virus free. This product is Vista compatible.

There have been many adjustments in the category of free firewalls with numerous popular free products now not obtainable and a few new arrivals to take their place. There are about 15 free firewall software merchandise that I feel are price considering. The first of two free firewalls that I favor is Zone Alarm Free Edition which now is Vista suitable and has been a 1 alternative for various years. It has confirmed itself as actual winner virtually defining the firewall class. The other free firewall I would like to point out is the Comodo Firewall, which like their antivirus software program mentioned above, is totally practical yet free. The Zone Alarm Firewall is a reliable however basic product that lacks some of the options of their increased-finish retail products. This isn't to say that there's any type of reliability or quality problem simply that it's function limited. Comodo's firewall however is in no way a restricted characteristic product in reality it has a number of the most refined options of any firewall free or paid! Many reviewers consider it the perfect software firewall in existence.

There are almost two dozen good free antispyware products available. One characteristic of antispyware software compared to antivirus and firewall software program is that multiple antispyware product can usually be used at the similar time. I at the moment use Home windows Defender from Microsoft, Spybot Search and Destroy and Spy ware Terminator all operating on the same time. They work superb collectively on my specific system with no performance hit or other problems.

Choosing one free security software program product from every of the three primary groups above should, when utilized in mixture, provide you with greater than sufficient web safety protection. After you've got taken care of those three basics, it is best to move on to consider antispam, privateness, content filtering and some of the other out there classes of free web safety software.

Internet security involves the protection of a computer's Web account and information from any type of attack or intrusion of an unauthorized user. Unauthorized access of a computer could occur once the computer connects to a network and begins communicating with other computer systems or accessing a malware-contaminated website online by way of the Internet. To avoid this, it is recommended to set up a password and install an Web security software. The following are some major Internet threats that may badly jeopardize a computer:

    * Malware
    * Worms
    * Bots
    * Spy ware
    * Trojans
    * Viruses

The Web threats talked about above might be overlapped and combined, which can cause serious injury to your computer's system and private files. These threats are the explanation why they're made to detect and eradicate viruses and different types of malicious assaults that can easily enter your computer. Internet safety packages may be bought or downloaded free of charge via the Internet. Nevertheless, one needs to be careful in choosing the Internet security software that they'll use since some packages usually are not as efficient because the others in the case of detecting and removing viruses or malware. One also needs to be cautious when downloading such Web safety software since there are some current websites that include web links that might instruct you to put in a security program for your pc, when in reality it might actually set up malware and even viruses on your computer. Most Web security software program have antivirus, firewall, antispyware, as well as parental controls already integrated into one program that will help you defend the following:

Personal information - Internet security programs contain antispyware, firewall, and anti-phishing safety to secure your delicate data from creative hackers who're always using newest developments in expertise to achieve access to private information.

Pc system - Internet security programs can protect your computer from being attacked by completely different kinds of viruses in forms of electronic mail attachments and different information, which may render your pc useless.

Family restriction - Parental controls are additionally included that allows you to filter and to restrict entry of unacceptable websites or web contents that may also hurt your computer. This feature may also hold your youngsters from any potential on-line predators.

When searching for a reliable software program, the next are some important criteria that a computer user must remember before downloading a specific program:

Ease of set up/setup

An Internet safety software program should be straightforward to install and to set up. It ought to have a transparent and step-by-step instructions so as to keep away from utility errors or intrude with other applications in the computer.

Ease of Use

An Internet security software program have to be designed so that each user can be capable of use the software program regardless of their computer literacy. This also entails this system's interface as well as the terminologies used that may assist the user to easily handle the software.

Other safety features

A reliable Internet safety software must have additional Web safety packages bundled akin to e mail and IM scanning, anti-phishing, and parental controls.


An Internet security software program will need to have an antispyware perform that will protect your pc towards adware, keyloggers, trojans, and many more.


An Web security software will need to have a firewall protection that may defend your computer in opposition to outdoors attackers or malicious Web traffic. There are two forms of firewalls namely:

    * Hardware - These are typically called community firewalls, which refers to exterior units that are usually positioned between your laptop or community and your cable or DSL modem. Some Web Service Suppliers (ISP) or distributors provide networking devices, such as a router, that already has a firewall installed. Hardware-primarily based firewalls have the benefit of being separate devices, which are working on their very own operating techniques so they provide further line of protection against Internet attacks.
    * Software program - These are firewalls which might be built-in inside the pc's working system. If your pc's working system has a firewall feature included, it's possible you'll think about enabling it to provide an additional layer of safety even when you have already got an external firewall. Antivirus

A safety software must have the power to repeatedly scan your computer for any harmful viruses. Additionally it is necessary that the antivirus you might be using are often up to date to detect new viruses since these threats are continuously evolving.

Assist and Help

Producers ought to be capable of provide help to its customers by way of FAQs, person manual, or tutorials on the right way to properly use and preserve the Internet security software. Additionally it is vital that clients will obtain assist by means of cellphone, chat, or email in any respect times.
Web Security Software Program Evaluations - An Evaluation of Three Excellent Internet Safety Package
Some guidelines are Golden, to not ever be forgotten as a result of they always apply. All the time to get used and recognised as a result of they guide us and point out our coordinates and keep us on level, transferring within the proper direction. No matter job you undertake, no matter aim you aspire to, you may encounter Golden Rules to guide you, you simply want to search out them.

Listed here are the golden guidelines, the 5 greatest ones for selecting the <b>best Internet security software suite</b>.

Golden Rule  1, obviously, check that it has an anti-malware component. The reason for that is malicious software that enters your PC unnoticed can cause hurt or end in you dropping data or different delicate knowledge, like passwords and so forth stolen. Remember, internet security software program ought to be able to detect malware (i.e. viruses, spyware and adware) instantly and either remove or isolate them quickly.

Golden Rule  2, a firewall is there to dam unauthorised communication to or from the internet. This could have an effect on you in the foreseeable future as a result of if a 'trojan' does enter your system and locates your financial institution particulars say, the firewall will prevent the information leaving your system. It supplies a second layer of safety beside the antivirus features. Be certain and do not forget that when you've got a router, this might already have a in-built firewall. This could be satisfactory, but might not have the features and controls that internet safety software program firewalls provide.

Golden Rule  3, anti-phishing software is a should for most people. Phishing is without doubt one of the most successful hacker ways for extracting data or money from normally wary people. Why you will want to have this depends whether or not you possibly can spot the difference between a authentic e mail from, for instance, your financial institution and one that merely looks much like an electronic mail from your bank. Not spotting the distinction could value you your financial savings or identification - giving you a significant headache to place issues proper again.

Golden Rule  4, anti-spam software program is very useful for those who rely on Microsoft Outlook or another e-mail client. You could accomplish this by actually 'coaching' it to recognise which emails are junk and which aren't. It takes just a little time, but the quantity of spam emails touchdown in your inbox will drop.

Golden Rule  5, a knowledge backup characteristic is very handy, and is something that many individuals by no means think they are going to need. This could embody, depending on the brand you purchase, online backup storage - primarily, your backup is saved 'offsite' by the software program firm and is safe from any catastrophe which will befall your house or office. It is important as a result of it means that you may no less than get your PC up and running again ought to your own home burn down or be destroyed by earthquake!

When you comply with these golden rules to choose the most effective web safety software program suite, you'll find life simpler for you, your progress speedier plus your successes more pronounced and frequent - purely as a result of your PC is secure and secure from assault, since you did your homework and found the a superb web safety software.

It's that point of 12 months again. All the main internet safety firms have released their new security merchandise; and they're all trying to outdo one another with their greatest options and tools.

If you're in the market for web safety software, then you could have a large checklist to choose from. And this could be good in that you are sure to search out one that meets your safety needs. But selecting the best software program may very well be powerful too, because the features and instruments are quite different.

We have reviewed and examined all the main safety merchandise and have found one that takes the most effective web safety 2012 award.

BitDefender web security as soon as once more has taken the primary place for malware protection with its 2012 version. It has launched some new options and tools and has improved its older one's too.

These are among the spectacular protection features:


BitDefender protects you from a myriad of malware threats like adware, spy ware, viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and browser hijackers. Its intrusion detection tools block assaults by dynamic-link library code injection, a hacker technique. This risk occupies the handle house of a reputable process and adjustments its behaviour from benign to malicious.

BitDefender also protects your PC from attempts to change its system files and registry keys. And it defends in opposition to makes an attempt to entry computer memory.

One other safety function you get from its antispyware characteristic is safety of your chat system like Yahoo messenger or MSN Messenger by eliminating spam and spyware. And this consists of an anti-phishing utility that lets you know the real URL if the web site in question is fake.


One of the crucial necessary things it is best to have a look at when buying internet security software program is the antivirus program. BitDefender has a superior antivirus software program program that has been certified and authorised by AV-Test, ICSA and West Coast Labs. They're the most revered third-occasion test labs they usually assign each antivirus software program program a take a look at score primarily based on its capacity to protect in opposition to malicious software program infections.

BitDefender Antivirus is so efficient because it scans all incoming and outgoing PC communications. And these scans run in real-time to stop threats earlier than they infiltrate your PC. It has the Energetic Virus Control function that watches each specific course of running in your computer. It then checks for actions that replicate malware and displays processes continuously.


BitDefender Internet Safety has a two-approach firewall that blocks hackers, malware threats and cyber criminals. It really works within the office, at house or on the highway and you'll hook up with the internet with confidence. And it'll mechanically regulate its settings to suit your location.

It has an built-in Wi-Fi monitor that protects your PC from unwanted attempts to entry your network.

A disabled firewall is much like not having one at all, but avid gamers routinely turn off their firewall settings to entry and run PC games. However with BitDefender's gamer mode, there's no must disable then bear in mind to turn on the firewall. You'll be protected while gaming and the gamer mode will cease interruptions when you're in full screen mode.

BitDefender continues to launch the most effective internet security software and we're happy to see they've improved their effectiveness as soon as again. So you won't wrestle protecting your PC's, laptops, both at home and within the office.
What's the Greatest Internet Safety Software in 2012?
Yearly, main internet security companies update their security merchandise, with every increment a extra powerful one than the other. Many corporations try to outshine each other's products, and nonetheless, many new corporations fight their option to the top of the record of being the best web security software.

Discovering web safety software program may very well be straightforward since there are so much to decide on from. Nevertheless, deciding which one to choose is the robust decision since it's important to think about not solely the protective power of the software but in addition the added features that you see match to your needs.

By evaluations and testing of many leading security merchandise, one stood above the remainder and confirmed a good performance - BitDefender Internet Security. With its new options, the 2012 version is a extra powerful one than its predecessors. Studying via will inform you of its impressive features.

Internet has been the breeding grounds for a lot of malicious software. Many of those get private information out of your PC and use it for cybercrime. BitDefender protects your PC from being invaded by hackers, adwares, Trojans and many more. Dynamic-link library code injection is among the common techniques that hackers use to intrude your PC. Good factor BitDefender has its improved intrusion detection device that blocks this type of threat.

It additionally blocks attempts to alter your registry recordsdata and system files, some of the harmful actions in your system. Additionally constructed-in is the antispyware that blocks spam and adware out of your chat system and an anti-phishing utility that allows you to know the URL of the website in question.

Antispyware applications work principally whenever you're online. While you're offline, BitDefender's superior antivirus program is the best in doing what it has to do. Having handed certifications and approved by AV-Take a look at, ICSA and West Coast Labs, this antivirus program certainly gives dependable protection on your PC. AV-Test, ICSA and West Coast Labs are probably the most respected third-social gathering test labs that assign efficiency scores to every antivirus software program primarily based on their potential to guard against malware.

This system additionally has an actual-time safety offered by its Lively Virus Management which scans particular processes operating in your computer and scans incoming and outgoing connections to and from your PC to remove malware threats before they will even infiltrate your system.

Many would attempt to breach your system from the networks that your PC is related to. The 2-manner firewall of BitDefender Web Safety enures that you are safe from malwares, hackers and cyber criminals. It also mechanically adjusts its settings depending in your location to better defend your PC if you're inside a Wi-Fi hotspot utilizing its Wi-Fi monitor.

Firewall is without doubt one of the most vital parts of your system and disabling it could absolutely cost you numerous infections. However, gamers turn them off when they're taking part in games. With BitDefender's gaming mode, gamers don't have to show off the firewall.

It is very important hold yourself, your loved ones and your laptop secure if you are using the internet. Although the web gives a wide array of incredibly helpful and helpful features and sources, it might probably additionally pose risks and threats by disreputable, unethical people. These people choose to create dangerous packages that can hurt others computer systems and steal personal info that can benefit them while harming others. When utilizing the internet it is essential to implement an web safety software program suite. These comprehensive packages are designed to guard your pc from a wide array of threats and risks via several channels.

What is an Internet Safety Suite?

An web security suite is basically a fastidiously-designed program meant to monitor and defend your pc if you are using the internet. These packages are downloaded directly in your computer and robotically work, largely undetectably within the background of your pc's operation, to identify any potential threats, isolate them, after which destroy them ought to your evaluate and investigation determine that they are, indeed, harmful to your pc or to you personally.

How Does it Work?

Internet safety suites work by monitoring the entire information and applications used by your computer. If it identifies something that it deems suspicious, akin to a virus or spyware and adware program, it can prevent it from discovering its way into the precise working of the pc and performing any harm. This software may also create safety by allowing you to ascertain parental controls. Parental controls are guidelines to the type and high quality of knowledge and actions permissible on the internet. These specs are usually established by means of pinpointing key phrases or thematic elements, or even precise web sites, that you do not need to be accessible in your computer. The security software program program will then forestall any of those websites or trains of data from exhibiting up on your computer. This will protect your family from inappropriate photographs and information.

Threats that are Blocked by an Web Safety Suite

Many kinds of threats are blocked by web security suites. These are blocked utilizing varied avenues of security such as antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection.

    * Antivirus safety protects your laptop from worms, pc viruses and other threats. Not only will preventing these viruses from stepping into the working of your pc defend that machine from hurt, however it should also keep your pc from getting other computers "sick". Very like a sick child infecting one other, a pc with a virus can unfold it to others. Antivirus safety retains this from happening.

    * Firewalls shield your pc during communication with different computers. This retains your system and your info safe. The firewall permits for parental controls.

    * Spyware protection keeps malicious software program from infiltrating your laptop and stealing your personal information.
Internet Security Software Program - An Introduction
Within the current occasions, web is taken into account because the fastest technique of communication with different folks all around the globe. Be it knowledge transferring or photograph sharing, reducing down distances between family members by video calling or finalizing enterprise offers on the internet. Likewise increased safety is vital to make sure that no hurt is being executed to your computer when you are online enjoying the advantages of internet.

Nowadays, social networks are a world fashion, a forum for individuals from everywhere in the world to socialize through images, movies and chats. This undoubtedly requires you to have reliable web security software to protect you pc from all form of viruses and spam files. With the advancement of technology, folks have developed software program to hack computer systems and identities. Your passwords and checking account numbers may additionally be at menace as online banking is a common observe these days. It is therefore, very important so that you can defend your self and your knowledge and have an excellent web security software installed.

Web security software is software that may defend your laptop from viruses, hackers and spammers. The software program will run quite a lot of protocols which fight the programs that tend to destroy your computer or get into your personals. Perfect internet security software program can be the one that can protect your computer and its knowledge from all form of viruses, spy ware and adware. They are also programmed for putting in updates regularly. Some of them replace themselves twice weekly. Others are so flawless that they do it a number of occasions daily. Because the internet hacker population increases, the updates of those software packages increase too for higher security and protection.

Keep alert always about your security software. Be sure each day that it is being updated properly and you are not going through any problems while updating it. If you are, consult the particular software firm instantly since a slight ignorance of yours would possibly just lead you to face nice devastating results. A more frequent computerized update might imply that the variety of threats to your computer is increasing. All the time put your computer on the automatic update mode. This will permit it to obtain all the most recent updates obtainable even should you forget to examine some day.

In case you are a brand new computer person, make sure you have finished your homework well. Do thorough research regarding the perfect web security software program available and install it to your computer.

Keep alert while you keep linked to the internet. Preserve an eagle's eye on your internet security software program updates and also on any viruses or spyware. Get essentially the most elite class software in order that you do not remorse later if you end up left with a contaminated computer. You possibly can search on-line or ask for opinions on public chat forums. You too can purchase laptop magazines and lookup for the latest best internet safety software. Software program can even be obtainable on sure shops. Nonetheless, downloading the software online could be a a lot easier job.

Subsequently, one ought to keep all of the above points in mind while making the choice for web safety software program as a result of security for your laptop alongside together with your private knowledge is extraordinarily important. No one should get access to them by any means.Most web security software program scores and evaluations you may find online are written by customers. And a few others are written by comparison sites that highlight the features and tools.

These rankings and critiques play an important half in serving to you discover the precise web security software. And that is because they're based mostly on customer experience; meaning you are more likely to get the same degree of safety when you use one in all these security programs.

However, there's a fair better approach to discovering one of the best web safety programs. And that's by reading rankings from experts who actually check these safety programs. They carry out impartial comparative checks of web security and antivirus software programs. They usually're broadly recognised in the trade and are officially referred to as Check Labs.

There are about 5 respected check labs and they are ICSA, West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. And that is how these expert testers price the next security programs:


BitDefender has been tested by Virus Bulletin and has been awarded a VB100% rating. This is the highest award they provide and shows that it managed to detect one hundred% of 'viruses in the wild', with out causing any false alarms. And this is one of the reasons BitDefender is taken into account one of the best web safety software program programs.

One other skilled score company that has tested and authorized BitDefender is AV-Test. It is a Germany-based mostly test lab which reveals that BitDefender is the very best at defending in opposition to malware (malicious software program).

BitDefender has additionally been licensed by ICSA, an impartial organisation that has set standards for certifying firewalls. And BitDefender is likely one of the few programs that has been accredited by ICSA and acquired certification.


Kaspersky is another main web safety program that has been examined and licensed by the main take a look at labs. It has obtained the VB100% ranking for efficient malware protection from viruses and other threats. And due to this, it has more than one hundred twenty companies licensed to make use of its antivirus answer of their products.

Other ratings from skilled testers additionally present that it is one of the best at protection from all kinds of malware threats. It has received a positive ranking for its anti-spyware solution. It reveals that Kaspersky submitted its software for testing and handed the ICSA certification.

Not all internet safety software program packages submit their software for testing; and some that do really fail the test. Its antivirus software also handed the check and received a high positive rating.


Webroot Web Security has lately joined the record of leading security programs. And this is mirrored within the optimistic rankings it has received from skilled reviewers. Its antispyware program is the primary rated spy ware elimination program. And it successfully prevents adware, parasites, data miners, adware and different packages from changing your PC configuration.

Its antivirus software program has received the VB100% score from Virus Bulletin. And this reveals that it caught all viruses through on-demand and on-entry scanning. However no test outcomes appear for Webroot on the West Coast Labs site, though its standalone Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper did receive the certification; and it's a major a part of the web security suite.
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Website Hosting from $4.95/month, with Free Domain, Free Emails, & $700 Free Bonus Software! Limited Time Only!

Virtual Private Servers for $39.95 a month!

Lunarpages Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers starting at $99.00 per month!

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LunarPages Review
LunarPages is a web hosting firm who are renowned for their superior buyer support. We imagine LunarPages is particularly suited someone new to working an internet site as you will see that their support crew extremely helpful. LunarPages also presents superior options for experienced webmasters. Lunarpages is an award successful web hosting service that was established and based mostly in California means back in the 2000. Its providers are backed up by approximately 100 workers, serving over 100,000 hosts within the current, most of which interact in linux hosting. Customer service is available between 6 AM to 8 PM on weekdays. And since that you must dial the companys California number, youre assured that their technicians are not outsources. In addition to that, there's also a members discussion board that is house to roughly 36,000 members. Lunarpages present 99.9% uptime with its three Southwestern US primarily based datacenters. Which means your Linux hosting will profit from limitless bandwidth and disk space to work with, plus a free area, which you can use for a lifetime. Apart from getting a plethora of ordinary and advanced features, Lunarpages is powered by PowerEdge, a well-liked Dell technology. This guarantees you more effective and environment friendly Linux internet hosting at competitively low rates.

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

Internet hosting Package deal:

Lunarpages pricing is one of the best we've found. Ecommerce hosting requires a SSL secure certificate, password-protected directories, some form of fee processing, and procuring cart software. Lunarpages charges additional for a SSL certificate, and works with Paymerica for credit card processing, additionally at added cost. Password safety is free, as is your selection of three buying cart techniques in Cube Cart, OS Commerce Cart, and Zen Cart. Lunarpages offers normal programming help with CGI, Perl, PHP, Python, and Server Aspect Consists of (SSI). You should buy JSP and ASP assist if you happen to need it.

Lunarpages helps FrontPage extensions, MySQL databases, Flash and Shockwave. You may stream audio with Real Audio/Video. Additional codecs value further due to the want for a static IP address. This website hosting service gives you 5 POP3 and SMTP e mail accounts, along with webmail, electronic mail forwarding, catch-all emails and auto responders. This web hosting service also helps mailing lists and spam protection.

Ease of Use:

Throughout the time we tested out Lunarpages, we did not run into many things that we had a hard time figuring out. Nonetheless, after we did have points with a few of their features, their assist part and customer support have been less than helpful in resolving them. These minor infractions had been rare. As a whole, what Lunarpages has to offer is unquestionably user friendly.

Assistance & Support:

Lunarpages assist is among the many finest round, offering toll-free, 24/7 telephone assist with a clearly posted help number on their site. Email assist is also 24/7, and you'll access video tutorials, post your problems/solutions of their forums, or browse their FAQ section and knowledgebase.

Web Site Creation Instruments:

You'll be able to flip your website right into a blog or add a guestbook or image gallery with Lunarpages. Outdoors of these options, this website hosting service has no site creation tools to speak of.

Server Access:

With the Starter Plan, you get access to just one FTP account with this hosting service. Nevertheless, in case you improve to the Primary Internet hosting Plan, that quantity goes up to unlimited. Lunarpages additionally gives gives SSH entry, however not .htaccess or anonymous FTP.

Advertising and Marketing Tools:

Lunarpages offers vouchers for Fb Ads and Google AdWords.

Reporting and Statistics:

Lunarpages includes one thing referred to as "Online Person Statistics" with each plan, but they do not explain precisely what that entails.

lunarpages coupons


Lunarpages does every part and does it nicely - all for a really affordable price. With a 30-day money-again guarantee, there's loads of time to get your website up and working, and discover out whether or not Lunarpages is a good match on your needs. It is exhausting to find a higher internet hosting service that meets your needs in addition to they do and expenses very little each month. The value difference between the Starter Plan and the extra elaborate plans is low, so you can move to a plan with extra features once you outgrow the first one. So far as Lunarpages' bad reputation goes, it's undeserved.

We have three websites hosted on LunarPages and we are not experiencing and major problems with any of them. Initially we had a problem with DNS resolution but this was quickly dealth with by the support group inside 4 hours of us sending them a assist request e-mail. LunarPages has been round for 10 years and in this time has proved themselves to be a hosting company who delight themselves on buyer satisfaction. Although LunarPages pricing is on par with most leading website hosting firm's their customer assist far outdoes some other internet host. For most people the LunarPages normal plan would fulfill their needs and we consider that this plan gives excellent worth for money. Nonetheless if you are planning to setup a particularly resource intensive website then we might advocate the Premium Plan. In conclusion we highly advocate LunarPages Internet Hosting.

So if you are ready to be a proud LunarPages user, I’d recommend you to use some of the LunarPages Coupons in order to get the best deals out of your hosting package. The Lunar Pages Coupons are updated weekly, to ensure that the LunarPages Coupon is always in working order.

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Website Hosting from $4.95/month, with Free Domain, Free Emails, & $700 Free Bonus Software! Limited Time Only!

Virtual Private Servers for $39.95 a month!

Lunarpages Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers starting at $99.00 per month!

Incredible Savings on Windows Web Hosting!

lunar pages coupon
100% Real LunarPages User Reviews and Testimonials
Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

Eric Downey: Lunar Pages Host has been the reply to all my problems. I merely needed a cheap, reliable, and safe web-host, and I am proud to say that Lunar Pages Host has met all my expectations and more. Lunar Pages is definitely an excellent alternative in internet hosting companies.

Terry Jones: I've used Lunar Pages Hosting for my internet hosting for quite a lot of years; private web sites, enthusiast websites and forums and now for business purposes. They've all the time reacted shortly to issues, even by means of the evening! Uptime is incredible with no break in service that I can remember, and that's in over 5 years. I might recommend Lunar Pages Internet hosting to all.

Nick Clause: I've hosted a number of knowledge-pushed websites with Lunar Pages Internet hosting over the previous few years and it has been a decent service. The management panel and arrange process is very easy I could deal with it. I’ve been with several hosts but by no means one that gives a service as helpful and efficient as Lunar Pages Hosting.

Trudy Enya: After a horror yr with I transferred to Lunarpages, since i have been with Lunarpages I have had absolutely no downside and getting all the pieces up was easy. Their support was also very useful in the few points I had. If you're calling from abroad it's extremely appreciated when they choose up their phone quickly. I recommend Lunarpages.

Olly Wickey: My earlier host was not so good. Lunarpages had nice particular for two year plan. I have to say I've saved good money and the hosting has been rock stable, quick, and as I've had no points with service can solely say after I prompted an htaccess error resulting from some sloppy ftp handling and introduced down all websites - they obtained again to me very quickly and politely knowledgeable me of explanation for issue and fast fix. I mounted the file and voila, all better. I've begun implementing all types of php etc. and have five websites now, still rock solid! Tremendous Host, am very happy!

Max Jim: I was in search of a very good hosting web site and was beforehand with hostway, godaddy and other huge site. After some time I determine to cut down the fee for the server, and i wished unlimited bandwidth, diskspace (back after I signed up this wasn't unlimited, but still large enough for me to name it unlimited) I wouldn't have any drawback with them, didn't see any downtime with my site. Their server velocity is relatively quick (guess I've a quick connection?! I presently have joomla with my website and they do notify me when there's an safety problem with joomla and warn me for the improve, which is nice. Although this can be a private site and intended for household and mates, I would not have numerous traffic. Nevertheless I do benefit from the unlimited space since I've a number of stuff to backup, so I can simply create a private folder and backup my software program / photos there. Google around for money back or rebate. I am unable to keep in mind which site I signed up with, the individual end up refunded me 70% to cover the cost, so I only spend like 20 for the first year. =)

Tory Riley
: As many individuals on the market I began searching for a superb ffmpeg internet hosting service. Although Im positive there are hundreds, not to lots of them show up on google search outcomes and people who do have some bad reviews.I discovered my technique to this web site webhostingjury and sorted by reviews. I observed lunar was at the top. So I clicked on lunar and located you guys...Sure you studying this article. I searched and searched searching for solely unhealthy reviews. LOL Instead of searching for good evaluations I was doing the whole opposite. I had not seen so many individuals proud of this service. :) I figured I am going to give them a call. What are the possibilities they offer ffmpeg, Would be too good to be true. And what do you know. They do provide ffmpeg for streaming videos ! ( They need to promote they have ffmpeg preinstalled ) I decided to join up. And so far its been great with them. Customer service is the best. Way better than my earlier hosting ( godaddy, apthost ). I hope that although the worth goes down, their customer support wont. I dont thoughts paying an extra dollar for quick responses.

Abbey Crock: I have been with LunarPages over four years now. Since I first joined up, they've progressively added features, bandwidth, disk space and options to my basic bundle, for no further cost. The Support could be very quick and environment friendly, and usually resolves any drawback or situation within hours (at most 24). They have seamless help even for resellers on s shared IP. No complaints to this point, and I like to recommend LunarPages to anyone who desires to host multiple domains on the identical server for a nominal cost. They do have dedicated IP, devoted server and premium services in case you are a giant corporate. Beware of people that supply unlimited bandwidth and limitless diskspace - it is better to see a specified amount quite than say it is limitless, as a result of that is bodily impossible. Lunarpages has a WYSIWYG policy which is sort of refreshing.

Lionel Hogdon: I have had websites with LunarPages since 2002 and have by no means had any issues. When I was desperate for tech support, they have been extremely helpful. I'm a pc professional, however often make mistakes. I certainly wouldn't blame LunarPages for my errors and my lack of knowledge. There is a ton of knowledge on their forums and the tutorials can assist the newbie with most tasks. I think too many individuals identical to to complain instead of looking for a solution and want their hand held. One in all my sites is a non-revenue organization and we rely on our website for about half of of our income. Our customers have never complained that their purchases couldn't be processed, and believe me I might hear about it. This previous month they moved my servers and consistently gave me updates so I knew what to expect. I've by no means gone a day without e mail and typically I wish to:). Another local non-profit has asked for a hosting suggestion and LunarPages is it.

Tony Rickensen: I signed up for their fundamental 4.95/mo plan with unlimited storage and bandwidth about 6 months in the past, paid for 12 months, received a free domain, etc... I am now running 5 totally different sites using that one plan, all of which php/mysql content material, all of which run perfectly. The rare couple of times I needed tech help I just used the net/electronic mail system and they often just fastened it on their finish then emailed me a description of what they did so I could do it myself if I needed to within the future. Overall, I could not be extra pleased. CPanel is a fantastic interface and combines with Fantastico I can go from zero to a complete new weblog or forum in a few minutes. I could not be happier!

Ned Horton: I've run a website by way of Lunarpages for a number of years and been very impressed. Their customer support is great - I've always gotten replies within 24 hours (often sooner), and every replace electronic mail I obtain is that they've determined to increase storage space or knowledge transfer. The only time I had problems was when I tried to run a really active discussion board neighborhood which drained away my resources and bandwidth. Shifting the forums off-website fixed that downside (and it was earlier than I decided to upgrade to the "enterprise" internet hosting from the "primary" degree). There have been a couple of quirks, but assist always helped me straighten them out quickly. The site statistic tools are helpful. I've never used the free software program that comes with the hosting though. I like the free-area-for-life bundle, as well as the extra domains included with the enterprise-stage hosting. Very cheap charges for what you get!

Jillian Krust: I have been with LunarPages for round 5 years and now handle 9 different sites by way of them. I've had the occasional downside with help however it has been more with the Billing Division and with the lower stage of tech assist services. When you get above this level they've been absolutely great. My experience is that they reside as much as the 99.9% uptime assure - even when they have upgraded my server or moved my server to a distinct information centre. Have had issues with utilizing PHP with different hosts, but never with LunarPages and all of their free applications work well.

Tommy Nickelson: I highly advocate lunapages as an internet host; I've been with Lunapages for the previous 4 months, and have never had any problems with the up time, or the support requests. I selected to affix Lunapages three days earlier than Christmas Day 2008, and chose the fallacious account to begin with, i contacted support, and was in a position to transfer to the right account, they where additionally glad to maneuver my sign up area to a sub domain, and the 200MB of data i had already uploaded as well. The positioning has very basic over view controls from the log in web site, but once you get to your sites cpanel, it has each function found within the newest model of cpanel. I extremely recomended lunapages as a webhost

Robert Patton: We are a small internet design firm that hosts all of our customers with Lunarpages. We have executed so ever since we discovered them, 6 years ago. They've been a blessing. Billing is automatic, and all the time correct. (Thank God, our clients stored forgetting to pay the yearly bill. You would not consider how many people let their sites dissapear as a result of they don't seem to be capable of paying a invoice on time...) Pricing is greater than truthful - I really cannot work out how they handle to maintain such high quality at those prices. They also maintain introducing new plans that supply extra for much less money. Honestly, it makes me a bit apprehensive that their quality of service will decline over time due to them "giving the store away". Nonetheless that didn't happen yet. The truth is, their ease of use and high quality of buyer assist is without doubt one of the major causes we host with them - I was blown away by the velocity, niceness and competency for the primary yr, then I happily got used to anticipate the perfect :-). As an internet design firm, it's essential for us that the hosting company updates their software program and hardware on time, and has no weird configurations that make it laborious for us to launch new internet sites and web site scripts. Lunarpages have been nice in this. They improve Mysql, PHP and other features timely, and even have a characteristic where you can decide-out of PHP5 in case your web page script can not work with it. (Love their Management Panel! It will probably do all the things but make you coffee, and is straightforward sufficient for a non-technical person to make use of, with just a little help.) We had a few security breaches, brought on by a number of the scripts used, on 2 of the net sites. Lunarpages response was implausible - compromised websites have been "turned off" instantly, and an electronic mail was despatched to us with a discover, rationalization, and a request to upgrade the offending script to a new, safer version. They did much of our work for us, by locating the source of hassle and not letting it spread. As soon as we mounted the problem, the websites were reinstated. I am joyful to know that their safety measures are very good. They're also very patient and helpful with out-of-abnormal requests. Two months ago, one in all our prospects has cancelled her account by mistake (she didn't acknowledge the fees on her credit card and truly known as them to cancel any services... that is what I have to deal with....). She had an online store, and the whole site was gone - a yr of improvement! The account was already erased from their system, but the customer support helped us find the backup, and we had everything straightened out in 48 hours. (Phrase to the sensible - *always* get their backup function, it's solely 1.50/month, and a lifesaver in the event you really want to make use of it. About 6 months ago, they went through a preiod where a few of the web sites have been off line occasionaly, I can not inform for how long, however an hour or so, I think. Don't know what that was about, but they're back to regular now, and I am comfortable to offer them a heartfelt recommendation.

Chris Toby: Lunar Pages has been an ideal webhost for me. I've had no site downtime other than my taking the site all the way down to re-build or revamp, however that is of my doing. Most of my issues are answered very quickly. I bear in mind earlier than I got LunarPages, I used to be asking a help question and I obtained a response from gross sales in less than 6 minutes. It made me feel nice knowing I may have quick service from a reliable host. I've never had one drawback with LunarPages, just me and my lack of html. lolz... I not too long ago considered canceling to a cheaper host, however then seen the companies they provide were not as nice as LunarPages was. So I made a decision to stick with LunarPages for it's superior services, webspace, and bandwidth. All in all, I've to provide LunarPages a perfect one hundred% on my grading scale for his or her surpassed reliability, stability, performance, and glorious customer support.

Alex Thurman: I have used another host these previous few years to host my personal net pages. I do not know too much about website online design and all the opposite technical stuuf but my former net hoster's support was never that good and infrequently I'd find myself eith going through horrible telephone menu options to get help AND getting help was worse taking a look at that host's help pages. I decided to dwitch hosts out of frustration. I've spent over per week wanting on the aggressive plans offred out there. I chose LunarPages based upon price and support. Many of the other comapnies I spoke with did not appear to be interested inanswering questions over the phone. The staff at LunarPages was quite helpful PRIOR to me selecting them. Moreover I discover that the LunarPages SUPPORT & Knowledge database is fantastic. I've realized rather more from this firm throughout the previous week from their SUPPORT AND KNOWLEDGE databases/forums than what my previos host was capable of offer. I additionally take pleasure in more disk house and bandwith than I had with my earlier host for much less! I simply needed to put up these comments as a newbie as a result of I felt that these days of hearing all of the bad things that the good stuff supplied to individuals needs to be voiced. I was actually suprised that no one at LunarPages pressured me into signing up - these individuals encouraged me to look around and store BUT they always took the time (on the telephone and in emails) to present me answers or guide me to resources. I did not get that from others and my choice to go along with LunarPages was based on excellent customer help and an affordable hosting plan. I'll never use all that area and bandwith but the truth that I have it for the value continues to be nice! The CoffeeCup software program bundle they provide to you is also fantastic. I attempted the trial variations of that together with several others and found it to exceed what I used to be use to using ( "something" SiteBuilder). I am now using CoffeeCup software and found their assist to be fine as well!

Terrence Cook: I have not too long ago started hosting websites with lunarpages after changing into disillusioned with the hosting firms I have been utilizing within the Uk for the previous few years. Like all service suppliers, an organization's commitment to customers is just truly tested when one encounters problems, or at the least wants answers to questions. I have been let down to various degrees by completely different hosts in the past, sometimes waiting weeks for a response to a request for assist, typically by no means receiving a response, and typically receiving a response that did not deal with the issue! Having decided that I needed to find a new hosting firm, I spent a whole day on the internet researching internet hosting firms, and was disillusioned to seek out that so many webmasters were additionally having issues with quite a few other hosts. I used to be beginning to suppose "Better the devil you recognize ..." and was almost resigned to sticking with what I already had. Then I found opinions of ... Certain, I discovered a number of complaints, however in almost every case the problem was addressed, typically in public via the lunarpages forums. It occurred to me that an organization prepared to open themselves up for potential public criticism was an indication of confidence of their means to reply their clients' questions. I transferred certainly one of my sites to lunarpages to attempt them out - to my shock and delight it was a painless course of and was dealt with very quickly. I then decided to host a brand new website with them, a web site I intend to make use of for testing things out for clients before publishing correctly - I purchased a domain title and hosting package on Saturday afternoon, and it was available by teatime! I used to be astonished!!! The third website I host (thus far) has a domain. I was not sure tips on how to go about dealing with this as it has a non-commonplace "extension", so I requested help what to do. A couple of fast emails later it was all done. My questions, each pre- and submit-gross sales, have been answered in a short time and efficiently, a level of assist which I've never experienced before. On prime of this, the cost of hosting is relatively cheap (especially with the current exchange charges!), and even the essential hosting package deal comes with FrontPage Extensions - I typically have to pay £25 per yr, approximatley 50 dollars, for this within the UK. Then in fact there's the free software - improbable! In summary - in addition to the nice value of packages, my confidence that lunarpages will repond to my questions (regardless of how dumb!) quickly means I will positively be internet hosting more websites with them.

Howard Millard: I find that most individuals, myself included, are fast to contact help when there is a problem, but not often discover time to send a observe of thanks when issues are going well. Normally I'd say that this is due to most corporations performing adequately and not likely impressing much. In the case of Lunarpages service, I think it will be an injustice not to notice what an incredible job they do in taking care of customers. I began building web pages as a pastime practically 10 years in the past and found Tripod as a free service that labored positive for me as a novice internet designer. A pair years later, I used to be designing sites for my mothers dog kennel and shortly after for a couple of of her then jealous mates (we wish to call all of them, the "dog women"). Ultimately she wanted extra space and wished her personal area identify, so we upgraded to their "pro" service that cost us about $24 a year extra for less than 10% of the disk space we get with lunarpages, few superior options comparatively, defective user interfaces, poor billing procedures that had our web site down usually, and minimally adequate but gradual buyer service. I have been on Lunarpages for simply over a month and I am unable to begin to express my joy with the distinction within the service. The value of the "basic" plan has been unreal compared: 1GB disk house, limitless subdomains and a free add on area, MySQL and PHP, even the Viper Guestbook is cool! A lot that I have not gotten in to yet, but look ahead to. So many new issues I've discovered already just having so many features available here. Including within the free Coffee Cup software is HUGE. What an incredible useful resource of software for us "novice" net builders. Was beating my head towards my monitor for 2 weeks making an attempt to get an rss feed working proper prior to 5 mins work on the Coffee Cup RSS News Flash creator. The time I've saved with the Coffee Cup Pix converter is astonishing... I might go on for ever on my new discovered love of Coffee Cup! The customer service is the icing on the cake that makes this firm one which I will gladly pass on to others, possibly even forcibly if I have to! The responses are quick, even when I tagged one as "low priority" I had a response the next morning. Even when there was nothing they might actually do to help me whereas I was impatiently anxious to get the transfer of domain off of Tripod, they responded kindly and supportively. I can't start to convey how thrilled I am to be there and my only regret is that I did not discover them sooner! Thank you all for the nice service!

Phil Jacobson
: I have to say that Lunarpages presents the BEST customer service around! They're continually upgrading and adding options that I did not even know I needed! Their control panel interface is unbelievable and there is a ready made library of excellent scripts for just about anything. Have a question? LunarPages customer help is totally PERFECT! Have you ever been caught on hold... waiting... and waiting...? Not with LunarPages! In actual fact, you will not need to name them! Their on-line help has answered questions and corrected the one minor situation I've had almost before I may finish asking the question. Wish to discover out about them previous to signing up? The user forums are monitored so well that I had normal novice tech questions answered there PRIOR to turning into a LunarPages buyer - by LunarPages help staff! If anyone has any doubts about LunarPages then head to my web site and speak to me via the webmaster link. I'm happy... and YOU WILL BE TOO! I'd give 15 out of 10 stars for LunarPages.

Paul Hilton: I needed to vary my website hosting service. I even have several shoppers that may need internet hosting providers in the near future. I made the decision to research the best company for my wants and my client’s needs. Using the Internet I checked on many internet hosting services, looking closely on the ratings by current and former users. My investigation led me to All of my analysis confirmed that offered the options that I needed at an affordable price. Everyone, including the LunarPages web site, stated that they provided distinctive service and support. I made my decision and began the task of setting up my new LunarPages internet hosting service with the options that I needed. I also began transferring my current enterprise web site and two leisure web sites over to the brand new service. Because I didn't plan it better, I made some mistakes that induced problems with my service. Frustrated, I started communicating with the LunarPages assist employees via their assist ticket email service. What I found was surprising. Not solely did the LunarPages workers supply quick response time, but they truly knew what they had been doing and will help me in fixing my problems. The issues weren't simple, and my lack of expertise in using a hosting service did not help things, but the LunarPages workers labored by way of it and within a brief period of time they'd every little thing running smoothly. They have been also able to direct me to several effectively written white papers that detailed the tasks I used to be working with. These papers were written in simple, straightforward to grasp language, and yet contained all the data that I wanted to get the job done. In short, and it’s employees have made a believer out of me. I have over 25 years of expertise working within the micro computer industry. I've handled many various companies, trying to unravel many alternative problems. charges at the top of my record for a satisfying experience.
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1-Click Webhosters - Rapidshare
Before I introduce you to Rapidshare, here is a short summary of the history of 1-Click webhosters.

Back in 2006 there was a sudden flood of what are popularly know as 1-Click File Hosting websites. The term comes from the simplicity of the upload process offered by the respected sites. As opposed to using complicated FTP software users are able to easily locate files from their HDD or simply drag-and-drop them directly into their favorite browser. After that with a mere click of a button their files begin uploading without further interaction. After the files have been uploaded the user is provided with a download link which they can share with their friends.

Since then a lot of 1-Click webhosters have emerged but for one reason or another failed and eventually were put out of business. One of the few successors in the business is Rapidshare©

Rapidshare© is a premium 1-Click webhosting solution based in Germany. Over time they have increased the hard disk and internet bandwidth capacities of their datacenters to eventually reached, as of today, 140 Gigabit/s internet connectivity and the whooping 3.5 Petabytes (1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes = 1 000 000 gigabytes) of storage space. The fact that Rapidshare© is number 11 according to the Alexa traffic monitoring and ranking website speaks for itself of how popular and widely-used Rapidshare©'s service is.

This concludes the article on Rapidshare - one of the biggest players in the highly competitive file sharing business.